hi this page is less of a blog and more of just an archive of posts i enjoy so i can go back and look at them later i suppose. i dont take tumblr srsly at all but im definitely on every day posting dumb shit. so if you enjoy the dumb shit i enjoy it's prolly possible you might enojy this shitty blog. k have a blessed day


Leanne Marshall

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A skate egg case with an observation window cut into it,  done so that the development of the embryo can be observed.

Photo credit: Diana Castillo



i love seeing girls close ranks when their fella is cheating, instead of defending him and attacking the other girls. like seriously. it warms my cold, cold heart so much. 

i need the rest of this story, where did you put the body

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She was trying to keep her shoes from getting wet

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Basil Soda Bridal


Alvina Valenta


nail polish on fingernails: 2 days
nail polish on toenails: 200 years. ur ghost will have glittery toes. ur descendants will come out of the womb w/ revlon 791 midnight affair perfectly applied. infinite

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Your brain is such a worthless slacker. I’ll prove it.

Relax and stare at this image for a while. After said while (thirty seconds…ish), the colours will begin to disappear (no it’s not a gif). You can even make them go away completely.

What’s happening is called Troxler’s Fading. After a while of receiving the same non-changing information, your brain gets bored and just discards the information because it’s too busy keeping an eye out for more pressing, changing information, like tiger attacks.

You know how when you wear a watch for a while you stop noticing it. Same thing. Your brain is an idiot.

It is pretty though.

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Look at all those chickens.


Look at all those chickens.

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